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New Dimensions is an original and powerful forum for inspired and inspiring voices and views on a wide range of timely and timeless topics. Activism, art, education, science, psychology, philosophy, health, spirituality, global transformation, cross-cultural traditions, the interconnectedness of all life … All these and more are featured in this award-winning one-hour interview program that has been broadcast on public radio since 1973. For more information and over a thousand hours of downloadable programs visit newdimensions.org

New Dimensions (Total: 78 episodes)

How may we focus on what is important to us? How can we avoid technology overload? Why do certain things grab our attention and not others? With so many things now demanding our attention - emails, cell phones, text messages - many of us are overwhelmed by a plethora of distractions. Our lives may be described as the sum of what we focus on.

Tags: Winifred Gallagher, psychology, focus, attention, meditation, brain, motivation, will power, Science, Psychology 

A lifelong Christian monastic who now lives in a cabin in the desert, Bielecki offers practical suggestions that will help you break out of the everydayness of your spiritual practice, bring laughter and play into your relationship with the sacred, and rediscover the wildness in your own life.

Tags: Bible, Christianity, Desert Foundation, Jesus, mp3, Mysticism, Sabbath, Saint Teresa of Avila, Saints, Scriptures, spirituality, Tessa Bielecki

Williams connects two catastrophic events: living downwind of nuclear testing in the deserts of Utah, and the record-breaking flooding of the Great Salt Lake. These events have deeply affected her sense of the need for refuge. She poetically conveys to us her personal perspectives on grief, love, and the spirituality of nature, lake and desert.

Tags: Terry Tempest Williams, atomic testing, nuclear power, Great Salt Lake, Utah, cancer, nature, grief, spirituality, creativity, family, relationship, poetry, ancestors, Ecology, Nature, Environment, Social Change, /Politics, Personal Transformation, Relationship, Partnerships, Self Help

Travel with Susan Moon to get an inside view on the perils and joys of aging. With humor and deep insight, she encourages us to move forward in our aging with courage and hope. She talks about coping with “senior moments”, facing the death of loved ones and why long-term friendships matter. She is the author of This is Getting Old: Zen Thoughts on Aging with Humor and Dignity.

Tags: Susan Moon, Personal Transformation,  Buddhism,  Community,  Death , Dying,  Aging , Senior Moment, Eldering, Growing Old, Personal Growth, Buddhism, Community, Death & Dying

The stories we tell ourselves about our childhood and our present life are like clothing we put on. But do these tales tell us who we truly are? Gangaji says, "For better and worse, our stories become the reference points for defining who we are, who we are with, and what it all means." How do we separate ourselves from this narrative and uncover the truth of our lives?

Tags: Gangaji, Stories, storytelling, suffering, personal narrative, nature of inquiry, fear, habits of mind, questions, reversal of fortune, Papaji, Sri H.W.L. Poonja, emotion, emotions, feeling, feelings, Spirituality, Meditation, Personal Transformation, Psychology, Religion, Self Help

Homer survived being trapped without Cooper for days after 9/11 in an apartment near the World Trade Center.  Listen as Cooper shares how his unswerving loyalty, his infinite capacity for love, and his joy in the face of all obstacles inspired her daily and transformed her life.

Tags: Gwen Cooper, cat, veterinarian, 9/11, love, animal companions,  Animals, Relationship, Partnership, Sexuality

In these times of intense political polarization, civic despair is rampant. How does this affect our democracy and how can we counteract this apathy? Daley-Harris has been working tirelessly to provide trainings for ordinary citizens to empower effective political action and to help citizens be most effective in reshaping the issues they most care about. Sam Daley-Harris is the author of Reclaiming Our Democracy: Healing the Break Between People and Government, the 20th Anniversary Edition.

Tags: Sam Daley-Harris, grassroots activism, Francis Moore Lappe, Lawrence Lessig, Citizen’s Untied, democracy, R. Buckminster Fuller, campaign financing, Citizen’s Climate Lobby, AUMF, Pat Swindall, MicroCredit legislation, Micro Credit, Grameen Bank, Social change/Politics, Media, Self Help

The world is changing and we must learn to move and change with it.  Each of us must cultivate our leadership capacities and assume responsibility to manifest creative solutions. Callaway shares how we can cultivate our own leadership qualities.

Tags: ambiguity, bionomics, brain, business management, collaboration, deep breathing, economics, health care, intuition, leadership, living systems, Marguerite Callaway, Marguerite Moore Callaway, polarized, politics, Rick Hansen, science, solutions, time, western mind, Business, Personal Growth 

What is of utmost importance to Fuller are the questions we bring to our life process. He says, “Once you’ve formed a question, it almost guarantees you will find the answer.” In this far-ranging conversation, he shares some provocative thoughts on the coming inevitability of robots becoming a more dominant species than homo sapiens and why we must befriend them. Robert Fuller is the author of The Theory of Everybody.

Tags: Robert Fuller, questions, Isidor Isaac Rabi, cloud of possibility, polarization, mal-recognition, recognition, the dignity movement, rankism, socialism, communism, capitalism, competition, collaboration, interconnectedness, robots, AI, artificial intelligence, quantum physics, entanglement, spooky action at a distance, mind, Elon Musk, Social change/Politics, Personal Transformation, Philosophy, Education

As a research scientist who is also interested in spirituality, Tart would like to see the scientific method applied to inform a deeper understanding of religious and spiritual phenomena. Here he explores the difference between scientism and science. He also shares his own personal psychic experience. Charles Tart, Ph.D. is the author of The Secret Science of the Soul: How Evidence of the Paranormal is Bringing Science and Spirit Together.

Tags: Charles Tart, skeptics, pseudoskeptics, Dean Radin, Newtonian shields, quantum physics, nonlocality, spooky action at a distance, intellectual functioning, emotional functions, body instinctive functioning, materialism, psychical research, predictions, telepathy, parapsychology, esp, clairvoyance, remote viewing, precognition, psychokinesis, altered states, psychic healing, hypnosis, Western Creed, Science, Spirituality, Personal Transformation, Meditation, Parapsychology/Paranormal, Intuition/Psychic