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New Dimensions is an original and powerful forum for inspired and inspiring voices and views on a wide range of timely and timeless topics. Activism, art, education, science, psychology, philosophy, health, spirituality, global transformation, cross-cultural traditions, the interconnectedness of all life … All these and more are featured in this award-winning one-hour interview program that has been broadcast on public radio since 1973. For more information and over a thousand hours of downloadable programs visit newdimensions.org

New Dimensions (Total: 68 episodes)

Beginning with her experience of psychic phenomena from early childhood, Currivan was led on a quest of a life-long exploration of the nature of reality. Her research has come to show that information is as real as anything we call physical reality. Here we explore the reality of informational physics and why this matters in our daily lives. Jude Currivan is the author of The Cosmic Hologram: In-formation at the Center of Creation.

Tags: Jude Currivan, informational physics, quantum physics, black holes, quantum mechanics, Max Planck. Holograms, Ludwig Boltzmann, entropy, the “Big Bang”, pixellation, Planck’s scale, Lewis Carroll, the Red Queen Dilemma, flickering, love, Science, Spirituality, Personal Transformation

Page advises us to tend the soil of our body and says, “Your soil is made up of your belief systems, your perceptions.” She believes illness isn’t just a physiological episode, and tells us to listen to the intuitive messages from our soul telling us it is time to change. When we keep ignoring these messages, our bodies will stop us in our tracks by getting sick.

Tags: Christine Page, breast cancer, reading energies, cancer, illness, beliefs, belief, guilt over being ill, divine feminine, menstrual cycles, moon time, princess Diana, Queen Bee metaphor, Mother Cow metaphor, Dragon Queen metaphor, Goddess, Health & Healing, Personal Transformation, Spirituality, Women’s Studies, Community, death & dying

Healer Nicki Scully tells us how it is time for us to move from healing ourselves to healing the planet. We can do this collectively by joining together in circles, in phone-bridges, and in our own personal meditations. Now is the time for us to make a quantum leap in consciousness. We must co-create this movement; we must allow spirit to come in through our hearts and minds. Scully says, “Now is the time of tremendous opportunity for people to put their hearts and minds together. If all of the individuals join in circles, and all the circles join, and we’re all focusing on planetary healing, this uniting of minds and hearts can give us a tremendous opportunity for quantum leap [in consciousness].” 

Tags: alchemy, cancer, co-crafting evolution, co-creation, fear, harmonic convergence, heart breath, intelligent evolution, mp3, Nicki Scully, quantum leap in consciousness, shamanic healing, shamanism, spirit medicine, Global Culture, Health & Healing, Personal Growth, Self-Help

Depth hypnosis and the “Coming to Peace” process provide a pathway for healing conflict and coming to a place of reconciliation and wholeness. This process can involve one’s personal inner conflicts as well as the larger dynamics of family systems. Gucciardi says, “The truth is that the symptom is the tip of the iceberg . . .The symptom becomes the path to healing in depth hypnosis.”

Tags: Isa Gucciardi, depth hypnosis, Huichol Indians, Bedouins, deep listening, Iroquois Confederacy, ho’oponopono process, inner wisdom, inner guidance, unconscious motivations, circle work, duality, polarization, forgiveness, Ubuntu, Psychology, Shamanism, Spirituality, Buddhism

Here we explore how we can abide in equanimity with the displays of hatred and polarization in these most challenging times. There is one person who models for us the highest form of radical peace, His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In this dialogue we explore how we too may embody peace and nonviolence as we find peacewithin ourselves and with the world. 

Tags: Robert Thurman, despair, happiness, suffering, love, strong force, Kundan, nonviolence, Tibet, genocide, China, Jesus, Matthew Fox, ethics, karma, generosity, Bucky Fuller, elections, voting, Buddhism, Spirituality, Peace/Nonviolence, Religion, Social Change, Politics

This physicist and mystic combine their wisdom and experience to encourage us at this time of “choice point” for humanity. They describe what occurs in our brain when surprises happen and how that provides the opportunity to instantly change a long-standing habit. Hade describes the importance of knowing our core values in order to be resilient.

Tags: Deirdre Hade, William Arntz What The Bleep Do We Know, illumination, mysticism, scientism, curiosity, intuition, Sodom and Gomorrah, faith, Age of Surprises, habits, neuroplasticity, resilience, core virtues, core values, despair, fear, awe, soul, angelic presence, archangels, Philosophy, Science, Spirituality, intuition/psychic, 

Judith takes us on a historical journey and moves us into the present era. She has hope for the future and points out that there is an under-reported grassroots movement taking place today, but warns, “We need to be careful not to judge it as a system that doesn’t work just because it’s young… we have to move through the chaos and find a new organizing principle.” 

Tags: Anodea Judith, rational thinking, mythical thinking, chakras system, human kind’s stages of survival, static masculine, static feminine, dynamic masculine, dynamic feminine, butterfly and caterpillar, photosynthesis, single celled microbes became multi-celled organisms, consumers, imaginal cells, Arab spring, power dynamic, homeostasis, Jesus, democracy, internet, neocortex of the planet, three brains, limbic, reptilian, neocortex, twitter, facebook, Gaia, Occupy movement, web connection, ideagora, green technologies, heartmath, Global Culture, Psychology, History, Social Change/Politics, Personal Transformation, Spirituality

Any life-threatening medical diagnosis is a traumatic event and can invoke a complex mix of fear, sorrow, anger and confusion. The capacity to deal with such a trauma both during and after treatment involves a massive amount of energy and courage. Here we explore the emotional healing of survivorship. Cheryl Krauter is the author of Surviving the Storm: A Workbook for Telling Your Cancer Story

Tags: Cheryl Krauter, survivor, cancer, deep listening, trauma, Maya Stein, How to Climb a Mountain poem, health advocate, fear, depression, grief, caregivers, tyranny of positive thinking, health support groups, Health & Healing, Personal Transformation

Cats and dogs bring to us many gifts including companionship and unconditional love. Carlyn Montes De Oca points out that “These furry companions are scientifically proven stress-busters in, perhaps, this most stressed-out age that humanity is ever known.” Here we explore how our cats and dogs can be our health and wellness allies. She is the author of Dog as my Doctor, Cat as my Nurse.

Tags: Carlyn Montes De Oca, guardian, guardianship, cancer, petting, cholesterol, depression, stress, anxiety, EQ, emotional quotient, empath, Cesar Millan the dog whisperer, pen pals, prison programs and animals, forgiveness, prayer of ho’oponopono, Animals, Health & Healing, Personal Transformation

Here we explore the mind/body connection with pain, and the mechanism of chronic pain, with a spine specialist surgeon who has over 30 years experience in the care of chronic back pain. He advocates something he calls DOC, which stands for Direct Your Own Care, and he only performs surgery on patients he feels are certain to find relief through surgery. He is the author of Back in Control: A Surgeon’s Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain.

Tags: David Hanscom, chronic pain, adrenalized nervous system, adrenalin, cortisol, anxiety, URTs, unpleasant repetitive thoughts, structural pain, nervous system pain, pain circuits, pain pathways, neuroplasticity, myelin, nerve cells, meditation, expressive writing, spinal fusion, sleep, mindfulness, Health & Healing, Personal Transformation